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“This approach is a real eye-opener of something that anyone can do!” Detroit, MI

Children’s conflicts over toys, space, and friendships create many challenges for teachers and parents. You Can’t Come To My Birthday Party! Conflict Resolution With Young Children, by Betsy Evans, presents an effective six-step mediation process that adults can use to support young children at these tense and emotional times. This process is now being used in public schools, early childhood centers, Head Start programs, and homes across the country, with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary students.

Betsy Evans holds elementary and early childhood degrees, has been working in the educational field since 1974, and spent 23 years in the early childhood classroom. She is now an Early Childhood Educational Consultant and Conflict Resolution Specialist. She is the author of You Can’t Come To My Birthday Party!, and several articles on conflict resolution and other early childhood topics, and was the co-producer and director of two conflict resolution videos.

You Can’t Come To My Birthday Party! Conflict Resolution With Young Children includes more than 50 actual stories of conflict experiences from preschools, nursery schools, Head Start centers, elementary schools, and homes. Through these real stories and the accompanying photos of conflicts in progress, readers can “see and hear” children resolving disputes successfully, guided by adults using the six-step process. Using this book as a guide, teachers and parents will have the strategies in hand to make the most of these valuable learning opportunities, whether the children in their care are toddlers, preschoolers, or school-aged children.

Overheard: A pair of two year olds, experienced in problem solving, arguing.  One says to the other. "Tirrell, we need solve problem!"

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You're Not My Friend Anymore!
Betsy Evans
Soft Cover
104 pages
Catalog #: N-P1389

Price: $15.95

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You Can't Come to My Birthday Party!
Betsy Evans
Soft cover, photos
432 pages
Catalog # N-P1171
Price: $34.95

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I Want All the Turns!
Betsy Evans
Color, 90 minutes
(2 DVDs)
ISBN: 978-1-57379-679-8
Price: $95.00

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Strategies for Responding to Problems & Conflicts in the Early Childhood Classroom

So What Is Peace?   
Betsy Evans

Is This Problem Solved?   
Betsy Evans

Workshop Participant Feedback

I learned to value the negotiation process and its rewards.


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