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You’re Not My Friend Anymore!

Soft cover, $15.95

Illustrated Answers to Questions About Young Children’s Challenging Behaviors
by Betsy Evans, M. Ed

A young child is excluded from play by others and she yells, “You’re Not My Friend Anymore!” and so begins the dilemma for the adults listening in as they wonder how to respond to such hurtful interactions and conflicts.

You’re Not My Friend Anymore! Illustrated Answers to Questions About Young Children’s Challenging Behaviors (HighScope Press, 2009) by Betsy Evans, M. Ed, provides quick and clear strategies for supporting children with a six-step process that will help them to solve problems on their own.

The process is illustrated through:

  • 21 stories of actual conflicts, depicting a typical response to the conflict, followed by the alternative problem-solving response that actually occurred.
  • Discussion of exclusion, biting, hitting, aggressive explosions, turn-taking, “back talk”, timeout, as well as conflicts between older and younger children with differing abilities.
  • Questions and answers about each of the illustrated stories that were drawn from real questions from parents and teachers about these situations.
  • Discussion of why such an approach is beneficial to children and adults.
  • Discussion points for parents and teachers as they consider the complex issues presented by the challenging behaviors of young children.

As this problem-solving process is illustrated and discussed in the book, parents and teachers will understand how to...

  • encourage communication skills,
  • respectful cooperation, and
  • emotional growth in toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children.

Betsy Evans, Soft cover, photos, 432 pages, Catalog# N-P1171, Price: $15.95

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