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It’s Mine! (DVD)

40-minute DVD - $36.95

Children grabbing toys, crying, fighting — problems are bound to happen when very young children share materials and play space.

This 40-minute video shows both younger and older babies and toddlers in several HighScope infant-toddler settings and the adults who care for them. Filled with strategies caregivers can use to respond sensitively and positively to children's social conflicts, the video also covers ways to keep conflict to a minimum by creating a warm and play-filled environment.

Included are strategies for problem prevention, positive limit-setting, and resolving conflicts—strategies that help children begin to develop important social, language, and reasoning abilities. With this support at a very early age, children are on their way to becoming cooperative and caring individuals!

40 minutes, DVD, viewer guide included, $36.95
ISBN: 978-1-57379-248-6

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