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I Want All the Turns! (DVD)

2 DVDs, $95.00

In all early childhood programs, children have conflicts over space, materials, and friendships. Learning how to find solutions that work for everyone is an important educational opportunity for young children.

This three-part DVD program shows unstaged examples of preschoolers who are developing essential communication, empathy, and negotiating skills. The problem-solving process they are learning – with their teachers' guidance and support – fosters social, language, and cognitive abilities they will use throughout their lives. Includes a special section on preventing bullying. The diverse settings shown include two Head Start programs, the HighScope Demonstration Preschool, and a nonpublic school serving children with disabilities.

Color, 90 minutes, 2 DVDs, ISBN: 978-1-57379-679-8, Price: $95.00

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