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During this session with the Pearson Teacher Fellowship Summer Training Institute, Betsy facilitates the creation of a “brain”, and its many connections, in order to actively demonstrate to students the effect of supportive strategies on learning. Betsy subsequently supports the students’ efforts as they practice the problem-solving strategies in role-plays.

As adults working with young children, we often encounter conflict.  Without tools to help children work though conflict, such incidents can be frustrating for both children and adults.  Often, it is not clear what happened, what the underlying issues are, or what is the most effective way to respond.

The trainings and workshops have been designed to teach a range of skills for working with children in conflict.  The aim is for such disputes to become positive and rich learning experiences for both children and adults.

During the trainings and workshops participants will have the opportunity to

  • Identify sources of conflict in the classroom
  • Learn strategies to diffuse or prevent conflicts
  • Discover and practice problem-solving approaches to conflict
  • Develop awareness of one's own feelings and beliefs when mediating conflicts
  • View video clips from actual classroom conflicts

In addition the training teaches how to

  • Respond to strong feelings evoked by conflicts
  • Support children to devise their own solutions to problems
  • Facilitate small-group meetings to resolve issues affecting the entire class

Each participant in a training receives a manual detailing the highlights presented, including a range of practical activities and resource information.

As participants learn the six steps for resolving conflicts, these questions will be answered:

  • How do I approach children in conflict?
  • What questions are developmentally appropriate?
  • What can I do when a child is feeling angry?
  • How can I constructively handle my own frustration and anger?
  • How can I set limits that help children learn new ways of interacting?
  • What can I do about problems, like name-calling, that are affecting the whole classroom?

Parents and Teachers will:

  • Learn six strategies for mediating conflicts with toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary-aged children.
  • Learn numerous strategies for reducing the number of conflicts that can occur in the classroom and home.
  • Consider developmental characteristics of children from toddlers to elementary age that impact conflict resolution learning.
  • Explore ways to structure conflict resolution discussions in small classroom groups or families
  • Learn specific language strategies that support the conflict resolution process and encourage new language skills.
  • Understand how to constructively model the expression of strong adult feelings to children
  • Learn strategies for setting limits positively and clearly so that children will respond quickly and cooperatively.
  • View video footage of actual conflicts that have occurred between children in a variety of settings.
  • Identify the common sources of conflicts.
  • Hear true stories of children of different ages who have experienced conflict resolution and become independent problem-solvers themselves.

To inquire about scheduling and training, please email Betsy at or click here to contact us.

What People Are Saying:

I appreciated the clarity, simplicity, and wisdom of the presentation. This work with typical children and children with special needs is very important. It was a very energizing event.

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful; great info, great presentation, one of the best workshops I have ever been to. Finally a hands-on, child-centered solution to conflicts that is useful on a daily basis.

Betsy has a very calming way of explaining the problem-solving steps.

Betsy was well-prepared and used beneficial videos and handouts.

Thanks so much for this! It was wonderful. I got so much from it.

Betsy is an excellent facilitator.  She models what she teaches, with an easygoing sense of humor.

The workshop really dealt with problems we all encounter and how to solve them.

The activities were excellent for reinforcing, understanding, and helping me retain knowledge.  I liked the heightened awareness of biases, without making people feel guilty. This workshop encouraged participants to use knowledge to make themselves better educators.

Betsy is very knowledgeable; she used children’s interests and motivation as cues for curriculum.

I learned that if you think about the situation and approach with calmness, open-minded to what is going on, the outcome will be a lot different than if you approach with authority.

Betsy is still involved directly with children and shared her own experiences, mixing theory with real situations. This made it meaningful.

I liked that there was lots of variety in the presentation: role-plays, videos, small groups, overheads, and excellent handouts.

The presentation style was informal and comfortable. It always kept my interest with the many different approaches taken.

I liked Betsy’s style and demeanor. She not only talked to us about dealing with children respectfully but dealt with us in the same manner. That was very pleasant.

A clear, professional, enjoyable presentation.

On “Children Experiencing Difficulties or Difficult Child?” training

“It was an excellent workshop with hands-on examples to make concepts concrete, with the seed in the shoe and the brain activities. Very interactive.”  Jennifer (School for the Deaf)

Betsy’s session on the “Difficult Child” put it all into perspective for me. She is a wonderful presenter who knows how the classroom teachers feel.” Kenneth (School for the Deaf)

I think that this workshop was one of the best in its effectiveness with hands-on and information. I learned more about how to deal with emotions with children and adults. Thank you. Regina (School for the Deaf)

On “Conflict Resolution with Young Children” training:

The conflict resolution skill workshop has empowered me to be an effective mediator. The activities were enlightened – they appealed to our emotions and senses. The brain synapse connections really informed us that we play a major role in forming children’s minds.   Beulah  

Betsy was great! We went through the materials enough “in class” but not so in depth to be bored. This inspired me to go home and go over it all more closely. Great mix of “sit and listen” and “get up and move”! Janis

To inquire about scheduling and training, please contact Betsy at

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Workshop Participant Feedback

I learned to validate feelings and watch body language.
















Open your hearts to feelings and mediate the conflicts in your home or classroom in the very best way you can. It is our collective effort, rather than perfection, that will create change. It is this loving partnership with children - our shared longing for harmony, learning, and fun - that is ours to cherish.

-Betsy Evans
You Can't Come to My Birthday Party!


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